That would be me 😎  My name’s David a.k.a. your #1 🔌 for free shit.  I’m 27 with 4 kids 👶, a bullshit job 😖, and a passion for free shit 😝.  It all started back in the day when I found out how to download free music and burn it to CD 💿, next came downloading movies and ripping to DVD’s 📀, then free magazines and samples, and now pretty much anything I or my kids want 🙌  One thing I’ve learned is that any and everything can be found for free (or at the worst for the cost of shipping) on the web if you look hard enough 👀

Why do you waste your time telling people where to get free shit?

Well first off I make sure I gets mines before I even post about shit, after I get that shit usually they only let you get one so I’m not really losing shit by posting about it.  Plus I do VERY well on the donations thanks to you guys 😉 so that’s basically my second income and motivation to find new free shit to write about.

How can I contact you?

You can shoot me an email at, if you find some free shit you don’t see posted Put Me On!